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ca semn de solidaritate cu sharpe:

Two men are fishing on a riverbank when they see a funeral procession passing by. One of the men stands up, takes off his hat, and bows.

"That was a very nice thing to do," says the second man.

"Well," sniffles the first, "we were married for 25 years."

A widow goes on her first date since her husband's death, and afterward the two end up back at her place. Once in the bedroom, she takes off everything but her black panties.

"You can touch me anywhere else," she says, "but down there I'm still mourning."

"I figured as much," says the man. He then proceeds to pull down his pants and put on a black condom. "If you don't mind, I'd like to offer my deepest condolences."

"Doctor, won't you please kiss me?" asks the patient.

"No. You're a very beautiful woman, but it's against my code of ethics," replies the doctor.

"Please, just one kiss," she pleads.

"Sorry," says the doctor. "It's totally out of the question. I shouldn't even be fucking you."